And Tonight’s Decision is….Katatonia!


Are you feeling the Wolverine Blues?

So good to see Entombed and Pledge Music getting those 3 Entombed vinyls out. I need all Entombed records. Still got some way to go! Two are in the post as we speak. Hope to get more as soon as I physically get the chance!


The Mighty Return of Arcturus!


So damn happy to see they are back on the road again. Let’s see what they record next. Sham Mirrors is one of my all time fave records, and I don’t even own a copy!! Grrr

Devin Townsend Project

HEVY DEVY Aka Genius!

No record collection is complete unless you are fully stacked up on Devin Townsend records. The pride of my collection. If you have never heard of this amazing talent, do so as soon as you physically get the chance!!

I Won’t Dance!!

Circle of the Tyrants - Ooooggghhgghhhh!!!!

I wish Celtic Frost were still touring and making new music. Not many bands come along that are anything like these guys were. So many changes and no two albums are alike. Something in the alpine air perhaps!

One thing I regret the most is a dumb ex-friend of mine offered the 12” “I Won’t Dance" to me in the 90’s and I said "maybe" and found out, he was a born again christian, and burnt ALL of his metal records!! What a douche bag! I never saw that 12" again, anywhere since!

I never did buy “Cold Lake” on LP…I just couldn’t bare the thought of that one!!

From The Underworld
The Missing Link

It is all the RAGE lately, I believe!!

I feel it was my duty to post a thing about the German metal band RAGE on here. It would be criminal not to. I am building on the collection of their records, over the many years, but, I wish I could lay my hands on their 1993 album “Missing Link”. I had to force myself to buy it on CD whilst in Japan a few years ago, but dammit…I want the vinyl version!!

With so many ‘classic’ metal albums being re-released on vinyl these days, I hope that some label, sometime soon, puts out their back catalogue soon!!

'Missing Link' is in my opinion, one of the all time great metal albums that is so overlooked it’s not funny and I hope you check it out as soon as you physically get the chance!! RAGE are all the rage!!


All Guns Blazing
Judas Priest


All…Bras…All Bras Blazing!!!!!

Megadeth release “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying” 25th Anniversary Edition!

Oh boy! “Peace Sells"…This was one of the very first records I ever bought. I was 13yrs old and thought this was the most amazing thing I ever heard once I got home from Utopia Records in Sydney, played it was blown away!

It’s a great record that I hold close to me and have never tired from playing it. It blew my head off then and still does today.

I love this record and now the 25th Anniversary edition is out and I just got my copy online and await with anticipation, for it to arrive in the post soon. I will place it proudly alongside the original, signed copy I have, as soon as I physically get the chance and I could not be happier with all the bonus material that comes with it. Megadeth are still excellent and you know it!!


To Die In Your Arms
A Pale Horse Named Death
And Hell Will Follow Me

A Pale Horse Named Death (Post Type O Negative)

I just bought the new album from A Pale Horse Named Death,”And Hell Will Follow Me" from Amazon. This is the band that features members from Biohazard, Life of Agony and Type O Negative. Some of these songs remind me of what might of been the next TON songs. That might insult some TON fans, whatever. But I can’t help but wonder.

The album is totally growing on me. Slow, bit like Alice in Chains mixed in there with Seventh Void. Check it out as soon as you physically get the chance!


The Hermit
Blood Ceremony
Living With The Ancients

BLOOD CEREMONY Living With the Ancients

Right now I am tripping out on the gem that is the latest record from Canada band, Blood CeremonyLiving With the Ancients”. A record I happily bought over the internets. Mixing flutes and metal and divine vocals from their lead singer Alia. It’s like finding a rare treasure of an album buried deep in some old 1970’s record collection, the same day that you just watched some classic Hammer House of Horror films from Britain!

The only track I could fit on here was “The Hermit" song, but go check out some tracks on Youtube or whatever as soon as you physically get the chance!!



Snake Charmer
Black Tusk
Taste The Sin

BLACK TUSK (not the mountain, the band)

Check out the band Black Tusk. I was playing the record today, and admiring all the art work and lay out gone into this album, as well as the awesome, chunky heavy songs. But, I love it when a band, an album is released and a lot of effort has gone into making it very interesting, with art, lyrics and all. Fuck those labels who make no effort at all, like Noise International or Combat Records (RIP).

This album “Taste the Sin" is awesome. Taste the Quality! Another fine release from the Relapse label. Play the song above, as soon as you physically get the chance. Massive drum sound on this record, fills your skull up with smoke weed riffage that you’ll love, I’m sure!!

Did someone say ‘Swamp Metal”? http://blacktuskterror.com/

Finally, a tribute album to Kreator!!

There is finally, a tribute album out now to Kreator. I like to check out all these tribute records that come out every once in a while. There are many, with many suprises, bands covering songs you would never dream of hearing. Anyway, this Kreator tribute album has a load of bands you’ve never heard of. I picked Angelcorpse covering “Pleasure to Kill" and I hope you enjoy it as soon as you physically get the chance!!



No More Mr Nice Guy
No More Mr. Nice Guy


The only time that Megadeth was a 3 piece was when they released this awesome little single back in 1989. Drug addictions, valium addictions, tours that were cancelled and members that were not up to Megadeth standards meant that the end was no suprise for ex-members Jeff Young and Chuck (why the hell was he ever in the band in the first place?) Behler.

Today I busted out some of my Megadeth singles and played them, happily as I cut my toenails and fingernails and scracted my arse. Get some Megadeth into you as soon as you physically get the chance!!